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Engineering and manufacturing services while providing OEM and OEM BYPASS spare parts for mining industry.

Our Service

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At MCW Parts, we understand that success doesn’t follow a linear path. Over the years, we’ve developed our ability to collaborate on effective solutions, dedicating ourselves deeply to understanding each client’s unique operational needs.


Expertise in supplying OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) hydraulic and pneumatic parts, as well as OEM BYPASS parts, which are similar to genuine ones but at more affordable prices and the same quality.

These items are provided according to the same quality control criteria as OEM items, ensuring high reliability along with significant cost savings in your operation.


The principles of Reverse Engineering are applied to improve designs, concepts, and usability of the developed parts, ensuring more efficient and innovative solutions with significant cost reductions for our clients.

Additionally, the company fulfills orders under precise specifications and supplies items often considered obsolete in the market, extending their lifecycle.


We provide high-quality pins, bushings, flanges, and other items for various brands.Essential for lifting implements in heavy mining machinery, these components undergo significant wear due to intense operational demands.

Ensure that your mining operation runs efficiently and reliably with our products, avoiding setbacks.


All items are inspected, with traceable reports archived.


All items are application-and durability-tested and proven by clients.


Our experienced technical team offers warranty services for any issue.

We Are Quality

MCW Parts Team is dedicated to offering high-quality products and solutions to all of our customers.

trust in every part

Our mission is to reduce your lead time and keep your mining operations moving.