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In the mining sector, MCW Parts stands out as a reliable distributor of OEM and OEM BYPASS replacement parts.

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Business Purposes

Originated through a joint venture between companies from the United States and Japan, with over 50 years of combined experience, MCW Parts stands out for the technical efficiency of its team of highly-specialized engineers in fulfilling orders under precise specifications and providing items often deemed obsolete in the market.



Reasons for Existence


To ensure the continuous operation of one of the fundamental sectors for the development of the world.


To maintain a large stock of part numbers to facilitate the supply of spare parts for heavy mining machinery and equipment.


To be the most recognized brand in the mining sector for the distribution of spare parts for heavy machinery and equipment, with a wide range of products.


To value people, build strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust, honor commitments, and deliver consistent results for customers, employees, and partners.


Stocking Items Policy

The MCW Parts business model is structured to maintain inventory for all reverse-engineered items, encompassing engineering, manufacturing, and sales, based on turnover volume. Forget about long lead times for specific parts.

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